This is not a finished document.

The namespace RiskLib.DataSource will contain the following features:

generic data source

  1. defines a generic interface for every data source


  1. defines a generic webpage parser class WebDataSource
  2. defines how a WebDataSource to retrieve data from website
    1. how to define changes of URLs
    2. how to retrieve content from page or pages
    3. how to parse content
  3. convert code of retrieved data to a predefined format
  4. return retrieved data, sync and async


  1. defines how a DBDataSource to read and write data
    1. how to define connection, tables, and fields
    2. how to read data, sync and async
    3. how to write data, sync and async


  1. implement a singleton class of Bloomberg services

The namespace RiskLib.DataSource will not contain the following features:

  1. defines product coding scheme (defined in namespace RiskLib). See RiskLib Product Coding Scheme.
  2. provides knowledge of any financial products (defined in RiskLib.Product)
  3. data cached in DataSource instances

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